Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dramania video on demand app (TVpad not working anymore)

Dramania video on demand app (TVpad not working anymore) 

Dramania video on demand app allows you to watch TV drama's and movies from South-Korea, Hong Kong, China and Japan. Since this video on demand app has only video's with English subtitles, South-Korean TV drama's are updated very quickly. Usually one or two days after the official broadcast in South-Korea (thanks to dedicated English subbers of Korean TV drama's).

The quality of the video's is decent and just like other free apps, there are ads before you start the video.

You can download the Dramania Android app on the following site: Dramania app


  1. For about $5.00 per month you can have it AD free. VIKI is another Korean network that is free with Ads.


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