Sunday, June 4, 2017

How to watch Cantonese TV or Korean TV or Japanese TV programs easily on your TV?

How to watch Cantonese TV or Korean TV or Japanese TV programs easily on your TV?

It is a long time I have posted something on this blog. After the TVpad disaster, I have moved to something else that works perfectly fine for me. I will talk a bit about the different options below.

Methods to watch Cantonese TV, Korean TV or Japanese TV

1. Buy a Windows PC TV Box with Bluetooth mouse/keyboard. You can find these Windows powered TV box on various Chinese webshops for around 80-90 US Dollar with free shipping worldwide with Intel X86 chipset. Bluetooth mouse/keyboard price is around 10-15 US Dollar. Windows PC TV Box has the same similar size compared to Android TV Box.

On a Windows TV Box, you can do all the stuff you normally do on a desktop PC or laptop (Internet browsing, watching video's, doing Office work, etc). After you have connected the Windows TV Box on your TV, use the Bluetooth mouse/keyboard to go to your favourite websites with all the Cantonese/Korean or Japanese TV programs. There are websites that offer Cantonese video on demand programs (updated daily and very fast), Korean and Japanese live TV channels and websites that have Korean and Japanese TV drama's with Chinese subtitles (also updated daily).

2. Buy Android TV Box for around 30-40 US Dollar from various Chinese webshops with free shipping worldwide. Install Kodi app (it is possible that the vendor has installed that app already) and the Chinese video add-on for Kodi. It has all the Cantonese/Korean TV programs on demand and it is updated daily (quite fast actually),

3. Buy another TV box similar to TVpad. TVpad was the most stable TV Box to watch Cantonese TV programs. Years ago, I did not bother buying other similar TV boxes, because TVpad box was very easy to use and the live channels and video on demand programs are working perfectly almost all the time.

You can find these various TV boxes around 100 US Dollar or up to almost 200 US Dollar. It has live TV and video on demand programs. The downside with these TV boxes is of course that you don't know how long it will work.

At the moment, I am using option 1 (windows TV box) to watch all my favourite Cantonese TV programs and Korean TV drama's and shows on TV. I also bought a TV Box similar to TVpad for my parents. The live channels and video on demand programs on that BOX are working quite good.

Let me know in the comments what devices you are using now.