Thursday, October 29, 2015

TVpad 2 Cantonese HK video on demand app not working at the moment

TVpad 2 Cantonese HK video on demand app not working at the moment

It has been a long time I have posted on this blog. Not much has happened during this time period (meaning I have not experienced any downtime for a long period). 

Since about two days ago, the TVpad Cantonese Hong Kong (eg. TVB and ATV, J2, etc) video on demand app does not seem to work at all. The TVpad Cantonese HK Live TV channels app (HITV app) also doesn't work on my TVpad at the moment. However, the other Cantonese HK Live TV channels app still works fine, so just try that app if you want to watch Live TV (eg TVB, J2) from Hong Kong.

The limited Cantonese video on demand app (with only the newest TVB series and TV Entertainment show) does seem to work fine, but I think you have to wait about 1 day after the official broadcast to watch the latest TV series episode in this video on demand app (it is uploaded much slower compared to the other Cantonese Hong Kong video on demand app.) 

I have tried the other live TV apps on my TVpad such as the live Taiwanese TV app as well as the live Korean TV app and they are working also fine at the moment. 

Hopefully, it's just a temporary problem. Let me know below if you have experienced the same problems.

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