Friday, December 25, 2015

TVpad not working: try various Android apps including vchannel app

TVpad not working: try various Android apps including vchannel app

Since older TVpad models are not working anymore, you can try installing various Android apps that have video on demand content or even live TV. Since these are Android apps, you can try it out on your Android phone or tablet first before buying a simple Android TV Box (cheapest costs around 35 US dollar and around 50 US dollar for a more recent model).

For example, vchannel app is a video on demand app, the source is mostly from various streaming sites. It has HK news video's. latest TV drama and variety shows from Hong Kong, South-Korea, Taiwan and Japan. It is updated quite frequently. 

There are multiple sources of these video's. if one source of a video is not working, you can try another source. There are even Chinese or English subtitles on some video's, for example there are Chinese subtitles on the latest South-Korean TV drama's.

I am currently testing a lot more of these apps (I am quite busy at the moment, because of the holidays). One app has live Chinese TV (from mainland China) and it is working pretty good. Other app is again a video on demand app and has latest video's (TV series and movies) from Hong Kong, Japan and South-Korea.

For more info about this app, see this post: vchannel


  1. 1)install vchannel from Apps store
    2)after installing open vchannel
    3)it will ask you to add channel. In the space provided type in:
    4) then click SAVE
    5) installation is now complete. On the home page. Look for an apps in orange color with a white TV at the center having two rabbit ears on top. This is your vchannel APPS
    6)click on this Symbol. You will be given many choices to view. ENJOY

  2. Great post, thanks. Is there any particular apps for Korean dramas that you could recommend or just go with vChannel?

  3. Try vchannel or dramania app if you want to watch Korean drama's.
    See this post:

  4. where can you we find the vchannel.pkg for older tvpad boxes as most apps are .apk which is for tvpad 4.

  5. @Unknown: I don't think there is a vchannel pkg file available. There are a lot of cheap Android TV Box you can buy for only 30-40 US Dollar and install the vchannel app on that Android TV Box.

  6. Anyone know if there's a channel for Cantonese dubbed anime?

  7. I have a couple for Android TV Box, and installed vchannel 1.3, however, as I add channel, an error message saying "Unable to subscribe this channel, please verify the URL". I read a few forums, some complained the version is not working on Android TV Box, but 1.2 is fine.

    I was able to find the 1.2 apk file and again, no luck.

    Any suggestion that I can try to add channel?

  8. DullNut, I'm having the same problem on my android boxes. The links work fine on my phone though. Not sure why the urls arent accepted on the android boxes


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