Wednesday, January 23, 2013

TVpad M233 (TVpad2) discount sale price promotion

TVpad M233 (TVpad2) discount sale price promotion

TVpad M233 (TVpad2) is now being sold for only 259 US Dollar (free shipping to most countries in the world). TVpad M233 can be bought on the official website: TVpad M233 (TVpad2) site (put the gift code 14696673 in the order form in order to get the gift package (this includes game controller, games and 4GB USB stick)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

TVpad M233 vs TVpad M121S differences

TVpad M233 (TVpad2) vs M121S differences

  • TVpad M233 has the ability to play interactive games due to the game controller.
  • TVpad M233 has WIFI chipset built-in (you don't have to buy a WIFI USB stick anymore).
  • The start-up time (of the apps) of TVpad M233 has been shortened due to slight better CPU and GPU inside TVpad M233. To be more specific, TCC8925 chipset is inside the TVpad M233. This chipset has a Cortex-A5 processor (CPU) and Mali400 as GPU. If you compare this with TVpad M121S, this is a slight improvement. TVpad M121S has TCC8902 chipset inside and this chipset has  Mali200 as GPU.
  • TVpad M233 will have VoIP feature in the future.

The amount of TV apps is currently the same for TVpad M233 (TVpad2) as well as for TVpad M121S. So, if you only care about watching TV content, then TVpad M121S is the better (and cheaper) choice. 
If you do want to play games on your TVpad (not sure yet what the quality of the games is) and you want built-in WIFI and the ability to make network phone calls in the future (VoIP), then you better buy the TVpad M233. 

The price of the TVpad M233 (TVpad2) is 259 US dollar (free shipping) on the official TVpad site (TVpad M233 (TVpad2) order site). TVpad M121S can be bought for only $199 on the official website TVpad M121S $199