Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to download TVpad2 apps in TVpad store

How to download TVpad2 apps in TVpad store

The TVpad apps for TVpad2 (TVpad M233) or TVpad M121S can be found in the TVpad store (TVpad apps store).

Go to this page for the TVpad3 promotion packages:

When you start the TVpad device for the very first time, no TVpad apps are installed. You need to install them yourself in the TVpad store. Go to the App Manager in the main menu (see picture below), then you will see the "TVpad Store" in the first tab (see picture below). There is three tabs if you have TVpad M121S. There is only two tabs if you have TVpad2 (TVpad M223), the third tab (Others, install apps from usb device) is missing. If you have bought TVpad2 (TVpad M233), read the following post for apps installation from an USB device (this is only interesting if you are looking for the HK apps): apps installation from an USB device

In the TVpad store, you can download the TVpad2 apps and install them automatically. After you have downloaded and installed the TVpad apps, the icons of the apps will now appear in the main menu. For more information about the different TVpad apps, read this post: TVpad apps information

Un-installing the TVpad apps can be done by going to the second tab (installed). Go to the app you want to un-install and press the "OK" button. A pop-up will appear and now you have the choice to un-install the TVpad app.

Go to "App Manager" in order to find the TVpad Store (no apps are installed when you start the machine for the very first time)

This is the TVpad store, here you can find the apps

The list of TVpad apps in TVpad store


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